How Cell Phone Spy Software Works to Spy on Mobile Devices

One thing about cell phone spy that trips people up is they don’t understand how cell phone spy works. Because of this they question the validity of mobile tracking applications.

Is cell phone spy a scam?

Is cell phone spy real?

Does cell phone spy really work?

These are things I see and hear online every single day.

Fact is, cell phone spy software, and how it works, is actually very very simple compared to other internet technologies. (try to imagine going back in a time machine to 1960 and explain to people the concept of the internet and how it works). This page is going to reveal exactly how cell phone spy works and how this fantastic, state-of-the-art technology is possible today.

Simple diagram showing relationship between cell phone spy app and Easy Spy web server.

Overview: Cell Phone Spy and Cell Phone Spyee

The technology of cell phone spying is a very simple communication between two pieces of software.

  1. One piece of software resides on the phone you are tracking. This piece of software has two jobs:
    1. to spy (capture details about mobile device communications as they happen, i.e., calls, text messages, physical location change of the cell phone or tablet, etc.).
    2. to transmit the information it captures to the second piece of software…
  2. The second piece of software resides on a web server and this software is the receiver of information sent by the software on the target mobile device. The job of this software is to take the information it gets from the cell phone spy app and display it to you in a meaning and organized manner. This is your cell phone spy members area.

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